Writing Research Papers For Publication

This reality raises the question all researchers must ask themselves: “Why are my manuscripts being rejected?

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Indeed, researchers should be aware of exactly where and how there are most likely to be errors in their manuscripts.

With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most common content errors that writers make by paper section.

” One likely answer to this question is that there is a deficiency in “quality of writing” in a great many manuscripts. Wong notes in his essay “7 Common Reasons Why Manuscripts Are Rejected,” a quick glance is often enough to determine whether the quality of writing is up to a publishable standard, and this is why authors must consider quality of writing when drafting and editing their manuscript.

This can lead not only to rejections, but to continued requests for revision and resubmission (if the research itself is deemed significant and valid), as well as deferment, costing researchers extra time, money, and effort. While the quality of writing in a manuscript does not necessarily reflect the rigor or import of the research, it can directly affect how a researcher or journal editor reads your paper. Quality of writing will thus be the focus of this presentation.

Therefore you want to be sure that your title is as strong, accurate, and concise as possible.

Writing Research Papers For Publication

Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind when writing your title: The abstract is the pivot point of a paper, as many journal editorial boards screen manuscripts only on the basis of these elements.

Use this as a checklist while you draft and revise your manuscript.

Ask yourself whether your paper contains any of these deficiencies.

After all, you can only find the solution once you have located the problem.

Although all of these content issues are important, for the purposes of this presentation, let’s just focus on the first two categories in this list—the title and the abstract. Wong suggests that writers “pay special attention to the quality of writing in the abstract as well as the first paragraph…” We will include the title in this group for good measure.


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