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Say that you prefer to keep things out in the open and you, personally, make a point to communicate about any experienced problems on both sides of the table. No chance here to flip the question to a strength, such as, “I’m a workaholic” or “I tend to take my work home with me.” What to do?Instead, show that you recognize your weaknesses and make every effort to address them.If there are no comparable jobs in your past, explain why you are interested in the position.

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Or, perhaps a new manager came on board and he wanted to bring in member from his old team before getting to know you.

The interviewer can’t or shouldn’t point directly at your age as a reason not to hire you. Tell the interviewer that it is the broad experience outside of the field that makes you the right fit.

For example, “I tend to be very demanding of others, but I am learning that everyone has their own unique gifts.”Now is the opportunity to address any gaps in your resume.

Tell the interviewer that you may not have direct experience in an area, but related experience such as fund-raising in place of sales experience.

Say that as a human being you are as prone to mistakes as anyone else; however you have no regrets—even if you do (and most of us do), don’t admit them. Tell the interviewer that in those instances where you have made a mistake with a coworker, you have admitted your mistake.

You went back to the person and apologized and started again.

You come off as being bitter, blaming of others, and irresponsible. Make an admission, such as, telling the interviewer that you were inexperienced in communicating with your boss about teamwork.

This way you acknowledge what happened and that you learned from the experience.

Especially in light of the fact that companies have not been hiring for the last few years or that a person may have taken time to be with young children or an illness may have prevented someone from working.

This is a good time to refer to your references—people who can verify that you were perhaps, self-employed for a time or otherwise disengaged.


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