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It was the theory that close knit countries, bound together would generally keep the peace, but the system failed and split Europe into two halves, it is argued by many that the alliance system itself directly resulted in war.

Imagine an American Civil War battle with large groups of men charging across open ground except the other side has heavy artillery and machine guns.

Four imperial dynasties—the Habsburgs of Austria-Hungary, the Hohenzollerns of Germany, the sultanate of the Ottoman Empire, and the Romanovs of Russia—collapsed as a direct result of the war, and the map of Europe was changed forever.

They were soon joined by Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire.

By 1907, All main European powers were bound to others by a series of treaties.

Before 1906, British superiority in pre dreadnought class ships was so great that Germany had little chance of rivalling them, but with the construction of the new ships they would be able to soon compete with Britain on more equal terms.

Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article.The whole situation changed with the launch of the Dreadnought class ship in 1906.This class was superior in speed, Armament, and engine efficiency than any existing boat.The actions of the powers at the beginning of the war were generally expected.All powers were expected to join with their allies.In Britain, Grey took office with a strong desire to conclude an agreement with Russia, and after negotiations an Entente was signed on August 31 1907.The main point of this agreement lay in the definition of spheres of influence in Persia.In 1892 the agreement developed into a military convention, which in 1894 developed into a full alliance.This agreement was a counter-measure to the renewal of the Triple alliance.With one declaration of war, many main powers were dragged in to support their allies.Four major alliances were in operation with the outbreak of war.


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