Wood Business Card Holder Plans

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You want to space these apart so that when you run the router along the 2×2, the bit will cut down the center of the 1×2 to make the slot. Make sure the space between your marks is large enough for a card to fit.

Now, use the router to cut your slot between these lines. If, after you cut, you want your slot wider, adjust your 1×2 slightly further out on the jig and route another slot right next to the first one to make it wider. Bevel one end of each at about 15 degrees like shown.

And here, we have collected unique and creative ways to show off your business cards in total 47 Cool Business Card Holders to inspire you. We hope the collection above will inspiring you when show off your business card in unique and cool ways.

Your turn now, which one of the collection above you like the most?

At that time people also felt a need for the Visit card holders.

Even if nowadays the visiting card practice during the privat visits no longer exists, the visiting cards did not disappeared; instead they got another form for establishing business contacts and were renamed to Business cards.This business card holder boasts stainless steel construction with a polished finish and a smooth hinged closure. They leave plenty of room to embellish with your own ideas and creativity.Customize the lid with 1/8'' thick wooden veneer in the species of your choice. It is unlimited with what YOU can do with them...great for personalizing a gift. Cut 2 pieces of 1×2 at 4 1/2″ long with 15 degree bevels cut on each side parallel to each other. Then place them (centered) onto the house and glue and nail in place. In this day business cards are still essential part of your business brand. When you just left an important meeting with some industry big shots. There are more unique and cool ways to showcase your card so you stand out from the rest.I finally got around to making one – and I must say, it’s pretty great! For all of our readers that are makers/designers/business owners… -Use the band saw or scroll saw to cut line halfway through the wood.(Our business cards are pretty thick, so the blade width will vary depending on your business card.I even had my dad cut this into a triangle because using the table saw for projects where my hand is a bit too close to the blade still terrifies me – and I use the table saw pretty often!If you still want to go for it, here’s how: -Measure to the center of your wood along the side where you cut into and determine what angle the blade will need to be in to create the triangle.I will order more to have handy for those times you need a quick gift for a specific occasion. But for those of you that own it when it comes to business and professionalism, you need business card holders…you know…the kind that sit on your fancy, professional desk.


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