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It’s not that Churchill never wrote or uttered the words ascribed to him: it’s the claimed date and place of the quote that makes it misleading, and the fact that he said the last sentence some 14 years after the first four.

If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea.” This is a remarkably revealing deception by those who have chosen to distribute and repeat this so-called quote by Churchill.

WASHINGTON -- More than five years after the University of Colorado Board of Regents fired Ward Churchill, he has run out of courts in which to challenge the decision. He challenged his dismissal on a variety of grounds related to his First Amendment rights, and asked the Supreme Court to review the case after he lost appeals in Colorado's court system. The Colorado board fired Churchill after a faculty panel found that he committed repeated, intentional scholarly misconduct.

Supreme Court declined to hear his appeal and Churchill's lawyer acknowledged that this was "the end of the line." Churchill, who before being fired taught ethnic studies (with tenure) at the University of Colorado at Boulder, has for years been the subject of intense debate about issues that include academic freedom and academic integrity. Supreme Court, no reason was given for declining the case.

We have our own Commonwealth and Empire." foresee Britain being “a member of a Federal Union of Europe”.

However, Churchill went on to explain that this was primarily because of Britain’s position, “at the centre of the British Empire and Commonwealth”, and, “our fraternal association with the United States of America.” All that was to change during the course of the 1950s and 1960s.

Some professors there, who did not feel that Churchill was an appropriate speaker, circulated some of his writings, including an essay with the the now notorious remark comparing World Trade Center victims on 9/11 to "little Eichmanns." Within days, the controversy spread -- with Hamilton under pressure to uninvite Churchill and Colorado under pressure to fire him.

Hamilton stood by its invitation, on academic freedom grounds, but in the end called off the appearance, based on threats of violence.

Churchill added, “ “If, on the other hand, the European trade community were to be permanently restricted to the six nations, the results might be worse than if nothing were done at all – worse for them as well as for us.

It would tend not to unite Europe but to divide it – and not only in the economic field.*” Churchill shouted this remark to the French leader, General Charles de Gaulle, in a raging row on the eve of the Normandy landings in 1944.


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