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Martin Hägglund is Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities at Yale University.

He is also a member of the Harvard Society of Fellows, where he was a Junior Fellow (2009-2012).

For example, rather than stating, “I have been watching and playing basketball since I was a child,” you need to create a more vivid impression of your dedication and involvement, such as “From playing with my brothers after school to varsity ball in college to now coaching a youth league in my community, I can hardly remember a time when basketball wasn’t an integral part of my life.” Like all other application questions, this one has no “right” answer, so do not try to guess what you think the school wants to hear.

Authenticity and enthusiasm are the keys to your success with this mini essay.

Optional essay: The following essay is optional and can be submitted by either first time applicants or reapplicants.

No preference is given in the evaluation process to applicants who submit a response to the optional question.(750 words maximum) Whether you have improved your academic record, received a promotion, begun a new and exciting project, increased your community involvement, or taken on some sort of personal challenge, the key to success with this essay is conveying a very deliberate path of achievement and forward momentum.UCLA Anderson wants to know that you have been actively striving to improve yourself and your profile, remain focused on your goals, and have seized available opportunities during the previous year, because an MBA from its program in particular is vital to you.Many MBA candidates find admissions interviews stressful and intimidating, but mastering this important element of the application process is definitely possible—the key is informed preparation.We therefore offer our free Interview Primers to spur you along!We appreciate that you are likely “passionate” about your career, but this is not your best choice for a topic here, especially given that the school’s primary essay already covers your professional life.What UCLA Anderson wants to learn from this mini essay is what gets your heart pumping and mind racing outside of work.The key, though, is not what inspires you but the lengths to which If you can show that cooking is not just a hobby you simply enjoy from time to time but is instead something you connect with on a deep level and in various ways—perhaps you have taken a number of advanced-level courses at a local cooking school and avidly blog and Tweet about this passion and regularly interact with your followers—then this initially uninspired-seeming choice most definitely becomes an acceptable discussion topic.Think about your options in terms of intensity, enthusiasm, devotion, longevity, loyalty, excitement, and heart, and be honest with yourself.UCLA Anderson’s mere 800-word total essay allotment means you must ensure that the other elements of your application (recommendations, resume, interview, etc.) fill in the blanks, so to speak, so that the school gets the full story of who you are as an individual and a candidate.But first, here is our advice on effectively approaching the school’s prompts…UCLA Anderson has done away with the preamble to this question that in previous years outlined the school’s defining principles and now plunges straight into a forthright request for your career goals.


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