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When you’re reading the ‘snarchive on Tuck, you can basically substitute “Tuck Round 1” when you see that!

The first thing you’ll want to do as you think about a Tuck application in 2019 is to look at your calendar: When can you schedule a visit to Hanover for the interview? They’ve opened the appointments for these interviews already, with the first ones happening in early September.If you use the full space, the content must justify the length.Can the responses to the short-answer questions go long?Paying close attention to what you said before and making sure that what you’re saying now is either consistent, or is explained, and yet also evaluating the pitch as a standlaone today, is critical. You may also want to check out the archive of Tuck application questions below.And we just have to call attention to something: Instead of publishing an 80% range on GMAT score, two years ago Tuck posted the full range of their Class of 2019 , which is 620 to 780. Well, only about four years ago, their full range was 530 to 780 — so as you can see, the low end is Please remember that up until last year (2018), Tuck had four rounds named after months, with the first one being called Early Action — there are many posts on the Essay Snark blahg that reference “Tuck Early Action.The standard career goals advice we’ve offered for schools like Columbia and others may also be helpful for you in tackling Tuck essays.Our Tuck MBA Application Guide explains the interview policy and the advantage it offers — and everything else you need to know for a Class of 2022 app!The Tuck MBA essay questions were brand-new for 2018 — everything was different, but in some ways, not.The best part of these questions are their clarity.Tuck now has a standard Round 1 which hits in September but there’s no mid-cycle release since they interview everyone who wants to.So, your experience applying to Tuck will be different than it is for many other schools like Yale or MIT.


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