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What would you make of someone with a nickname like that?And only after this meeting do we find out that his own name, which he had never divulged, is Billy Bones. Has a friend who can't keep his tongue, but instead likes to tell "secrets," ever got you into trouble?True, a few expressions sound a little stilted to the modern ear--"If you do not put that knife this instant in your pocket..."--but the language is wholly accessible to a competent reader in Year 6 or above, and the occasional archaic formulation adds to the old-world charm of the work.

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Let calls, whistles, signals and flags take the place of mobile phones and text messages.

Let a remote island with tall hills and swamps and springs be your setting, instead of a fenced playground or a computer desk.

the dividing line between right and wrong, between good guys and bad guys, between responsible and careless, is not always as clear as we might wish.

That circumstance can make a great adventure story even greater.--Submitted by Tim Rockfort This is a book that has made history.

Then in the last year of primary school some muse prompted our teacher to read this book to us last class every Friday. I could imagine that steamy island, those skeletons, Flint, Long John Silver, the parrot, and Ben Gunn who had survived on his own for years there. Whether revisiting it or discovering it for the first time, adults will also be enchanted by Stevenson's consummate skills as a story-teller.

Treasure Island is a gripping pirate story, fast-paced by the standards of its time and full of action.If you are worried about some of the words and the styles of language used, the above paragraph should allay your fears, as there is a small sample there, and even in this very sentence.You will get used to it, and you will probably come to like a piece of adventure that broadens your vocabulary and acquaints you with settings not so foreign you can't understand, but rather are a different part of civilization that put us where we are today. For a moment in your life, exchange the laser saber for a cutlass, a photon torpedo for a cannon that fires a nine-pound ball, and a stun gun for a black powder pistol.Why does a dog come looking for bones he has dealt with before? Have you ever experienced a dangerous situation in which your curiosity was stronger than your fear?What does an abstract arrow, like your computer cursor, do? As for points and pointers, you will find those in abundance in this book, from first to last.Silver runs a bar by the sea with his wife--a very similar life to what Jim's parents have. I REALLY REALLY NEED THESE FOR MY PROJECT OR ELSE I'LL FAIL. TREASURE ISLAND : ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON Can you help me answer these questions? It has that perfect blend of childhood adventure and mature realism, i.e. PLEASE HELP ME I need 5 major event from treasure island in chronological order.TREASURE ISLAND : ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON Can you help me answer these questions? the pirates were real guys, not some walking sack of bones with a curse. Also i need one special event from the story that was important to the development to the story.Plus Jim immediately seems drawn to Silver as a surrogate father figure. What are the obstacles they faced as they journeyed to find the island? What attitude/significant character and from whom helped the, achieve/not their goals? I'm thirty years old so when my friends saw me walking around with a book with a skull and bones on the cover they busted my chops a little.Isn't Silver--initially--living a life much like Jim's parents? What are the obstacles they faced as they journeyed to find the island? What attitude/significant character and from whom helped the, achieve/not their goals? Having never read the book themselves they are under the impression that a book about pirates and treasure can only appeal to young boys. In my opinion I found Treasure Island to be very well written, Stevenson's prose are excellent and his vocabulary was extensive. In saying that I mean that the although the book is about pirates, etc, it's actually a book that I think many adults would enjoy.Adults who have not read this wonderful book will do themselves a favour by trying it.They will do an even bigger favour for their school-age children by introducing them to it.--Submitted by Alan Anderson If too much adventure seems to be lived on television -- if the "information superhighway" takes away most mysteries in life at an early age -- if playing video games that may concern space emperors and galactical empires, fighting with laser sabers and photon torpedoes is virtually the extent of what your imagination is allowed to process ... Somehow, with television, computers and video games, there is a most significant element lost.


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