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The case study is based on informal urban settlements of Rio de Janeiro, locally known as favelas, which carry almost 30 years of controversial tourist development. The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the evolution of tourist destinations in the Province of Buenos Aires -Argentina, considering tourism as a catalyst for urban growth.The focus will be turned into the actor-networks created around certain slum tourism practices and performances to analyse whether there is or not a reconceptualisation of slums as legitimate urban agents although at the margins of the neo-liberal agenda. Firstly, the scope and characteristics of the urbanization processes of tourism in Latin America and the Buenos Aires coast are reviewed in order to consider the existence of typologies of tourist cities according to their urban evolution through the study of demographic and economic variables, in two periods of time.

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The outcome of this thesis draws on the part that the embodied interactions between tourism actors play on the process of tourist placemaking in its physical and symbolic level, as well as the negotiation of urban identities. Therefore, the role that tourist mobility has had in each typology as well as the attraction of new residents is valued.

On the other hand, in order to incorporate the analysis of the evolution of the conditions of the tourist destination as an urban system, specific models of urban development are defined through indicators that measure tourism, territory, tolerance, technology and talent in the cities of the Province of Buenos Aires. Russo (URV) & Noam Shoval (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).

Lastly, we seek to analyze the regional distribution of the creative class in the Province of Buenos Aires and specifically to know how tourist municipalities behave in relation to their ability to attract creatives. The research carried out under the doctoral program of «Tourism and leisure» will deal with the exploration of the territorial dimensions of mobilities and the transformations they produce in terms of use and configuration of space; The thesis project aims specifically to explore the new social mechanisms that tourist mobilities unleash through the transformations that they produce in the use and configuration of space, paying special attention to the patterns of local space practices and their consequences in the systems of relationships that take place in urban spaces. This doctoral thesis identifies and analyses multiple typologies of mobility that take place in tourist destinations.

It will therefore examine the interweaving of tourist mobilities (human and non-human) with the space and community of Barcelona, paying specific attention to the social relations engendered around the practice of tourism. It detects tourists’ profiles according to their spatial-temporal behaviour, as well as it analyses the role of local and global agents in the evolution and transformation of destinations. This doctoral thesis seeks to investigate the governance mechanism at a border tourism destination through the exploration of the social structure as operating on three levels within a given society: the macro, meso, and micro levels.

Also, it’s intended to analyze and calibrate the incidence of the housing stock characteristics on this segregation.

It means, if study the presence of small, less quality and cheaper houses, could conditions process a lower income people concentration.

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This doctoral thesis aims to analyse the role of tourism practices and performances as a socio-economic activity and its capacity, real and potential, to re-signify and transform the physical, social and cultural landscape of urban tourist destinations.


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