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Pecola believed that having a pair of blue eyes would made people think she is pretty, and would be the key resolving all the problems....

[tags: The Bluest Eye] - It has been 153 years since the start of Civil War, and although it ends but it never dies.

Do you consider it a benevolent presence against which the events of the novel are contrasted, or a potentially malevolent force?

Is Morrison’s use of natural imagery hopeful or ironic? The novel includes a number of secondary story lines, such as Geraldine’s and Soaphead Church’s histories, with the main story line of the Breedlove family.

The first being that of the story about the blind woman and the bird.

Morrison says, "Her answer can be taken to mean: if it is dead, you have either found it that way or you have killed it....[tags: The Bluest Eye Essays] - The Power of The Bluest Eye America has been described by various terms such as melting pot and tossed salad, but what these terms are trying to convey is that America is a country of great diversity.The literature of this country reflects its population in its diversity of genres, themes, language, and voices.One of these voices is Toni Morrison, an author who knows and appreciates the power of language, and uses it.In her Nobel Prize acceptance speech she states, "The vitality of language lies in its ability to limn the actual, imagined and possible lives of its speakers, readers, writers"....Racism is one of the most controversial issues that happened in America.The Civil War ended in 1865, but did not put an end to the suffering of African-Americans, and for more years many laws were passed that oppressed them even more.Regardless, cultures around the world understand that there is a distinct difference between the two.Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye tells a story in the perspective of a young black girl, Claudia, as well as the perspective of her as a woman....The issue of beauty versus ugliness is portraying through out this book....[tags: The Bluest Eye] - The Nobel Prize and The Bluest Eye Toni Morrison's Nobel prize acceptance speech has many interesting parallels between that and her novel The Bluest Eye.


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