Times Table Homework

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Once the student has mastered the basics of multiplication using single digits, she can advance to more challenging lessons, with two-digit multiplication as well as two- and three-digit division.You can also advance student learning by creating engaging lesson plans for two-digit multiplication, including homework suggestions and advice on helping students evaluate their work as well as their progress.

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At some stage during your child's primary school years you are going to find yourself testing them on the times tables. In this section of the site you'll find lots of resources to make times tables learning fun, including times tables puzzles and games, interactive times tables worksheets, matching challenges, speed grids and quick quizzes.

Do not let the student move to a different fact family without first mastering the previous one.

Have the student do one of these each night and see how long it takes her to complete a page or how far she gets in a minute.

Egg Carton Exercise: Take an empty egg carton and a pile of pennies or unpopped popcorn. Or you can pop your popcorn kernels for a little reward snack.

"Create" each line of the times table and count out the solution. You can also do the exercise with treats like raisins, smarties or M&M's. Tip: if your child is a "sorter", keep the smarties all the same colour as it confuses some children when you use mixed colours to practice math -- they don't see 8 smarties, they see 2 red, 3 pink, a yellow and 2 brown.


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