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This national monu­ment was given to our country by the French as a sign of friendship and it has stood for 125 years.

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They show so much honor and brav­ery by protecting the United States.

The men and women serving in the military risk their lives to protect us.

3 Place By Cooper Nettles TBE 5th Grade Period 1 Laudise Patriotism means love, support and defense of our country.

We must recognize that people are fighting for our country’s and other country’s freedom.

Their sacrifices remind me to ex­press my patriotism by making wise and respon­sible choices for both me and my country.

2 Place By Sara Meredith TBE 5th Grade Period 2 Laudise Freedom, bravery, and honor are the words I think of when someone says the word patriotism.The Liberty Bell is a great symbol of our country and reminds me so much of freedom.The Liberty Bell rang when America de­clared itself a country and freedom began.Freedom, bravery and honor are all examples of patriotism.All of our country’s symbols like the Liberty Bell, the military, the Statue of Liberty and the American flag remind us that we have a pre­cious gift, freedom.Place: By Josie Torres TBE 5th Grade Period 3 Laudise “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country! He expressed these powerful words when the British were about to hang him. He obviously died a patriot and demonstrated what I think patriotism is. He and his fam­ily were escaping a country where the govern­ment kidnapped and made young boys fight and kill during their civil war. But thankfully he entered California and his life changed forever. I am very fortunate that I get to live in a country with rights and freedom for all. For example, women could not vote in Afghanistan until we helped out. My father entered our country from El Salvador when he was a child.Liberty Bell was rung in Philadelphia and it is now on dis­play there.A symbol of our country that we experience every school day is the Pledge of Allegiance.Patriotism is important to me because we are lucky to have a free country, people to protect us and symbols to represent it all.We have many great opportunities and freedoms, so show your patriotism, show your spirit of America and be proud to be a part of it.


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