Thomas Edison Essay

He tried for months with thousands of different filaments until he found that thread burned for about forty five hours.

He then was determined to make it one hundred hours.

He even founded a mining town named Edison but it soon had to be shut down because of debts.

Edison lost over one million dollars in this project but he stayed positive and said that he had a good time spending it.

Edison’s determination was so strong that he never let failures distract him or stop him.

Unlike other people, his determination was so powerful that he focused solely on what he set out to do, which was to invent. He invented whether he was penniless or had tons of money.He then filled Menlo Park from floor to ceiling with battery cells, chemicals, and instruments.Along with that he had fifty men at work with no sleeping and food brought to them.The biggest example of Edison not giving up would be when he invented the light bulb.He began with studying gas lighting and filled out two hundred notebooks containing over forty-thousand pages.“Genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.” Every phase of human life uses at least one of Edison’s inventions.Edison’s determination was important in his success as an inventor.One of the most important points was his strong commitment and not giving up.Another important point was that he stuck to his plan, had his mind set on what he wanted to achieve and didn’t let other things bother him.The most important and the base of all the other points is his time commitment.If he didn’t push himself to commit all that time into his work, he never would have been able to be as successful. Thomas Edison is known for coming up with lots of inventions that changed our lives.


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