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Personally, this is where I stopped referring to myself as a feminist and more as an individual who believes in gender equality. I believe that men and women deserve equal opportunity and equal pay based off of experience and qualifications.If a woman does not have the same experience and qualifications as the man she may be up against for a job opening, it only makes sense that he would get the job.

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Likewise, if a women is better suited for a job than a man, she would get the job.

The concept of 'gender specific' jobs should not be applicable in our society when we're fighting so hard for 'equal opportunity'. I believe that cat-calling women should stop, but so should objectifying men.

The constant fight to always be better than the next person became all too prevalent, and ridiculously disappointing.

Instead of people fighting for racial equality, people are fighting for more rights, compensation, and to essentially be babied.

Instead of fighting for equal rights, they were fighting for superiority.

The older I got, the more I realized that the majority of people weren't fighting for equality, instead they were playing the classic one-up game.

By believing in gender equality, I believe there should be an equal reaction to cases of similar caliber, regardless of gender.

I believe men and women should have equal rights and opportunities, as well as the encouragement from those around them to chase their dreams.

Growing up I was always taught to fight for what I believe in and not giving up until I reach my goal, whatever it may be.

As I got older, I realized that a great deal of other people were taught this same lesson, but a large percentage of the people were flawed in their arguments.


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