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Traditional methods were mostly concentrated on teacher`s explanation of the material, practicing of lexical and grammatical material, and skills development.Modern methods of English language teaching are more student-oriented comparing to the old methods, they encourage students to learn rather than make them learning.Early in life, therefore, I was already immensely interested in English, not only as a second language, but as a future career.

If researchers feel they have done a good job of designing a method to address ELLs, why the ELL problem continues to haunt them The difficulty in getting educators to deal effectively with ELLs is that the syllabus they have been given in such situation is not adequate.

The recommended syllabus is only hypothetical and there is no research to provide...... 234080 07 August 2008 The SIOP Model: Strategies and Input Introduction Teaching of English as the Second Language (ELS) is done best in an environment comprising activities the learners are familiar with and could relate to.

There are numerous innovations in English language teaching which appeared in the past century.

Many schools, teachers, and applied linguists strived to find the optimal and the most efficient methods of language teaching basing on their understanding of the learning mechanisms.

Content knowledge comprises of knowledge about the theories, concepts and standards of a subject (in this case the English language) (Shulman. It also includes the manner in which the content is communicated and taught to the students.

"If beginning teachers are to be successful, they must wrestle simultaneously with issues of pedagogical content (or knowledge) as well as general pedagogy (or generic teaching principles)" (Ornstein & Lasley. Lesson Plan While planning the salient......application. There can be different methods within one approach. , I would be ignorant of the proper way of researching.Qualitative research methodology has been one of the most effective research methods to practice in applied linguistic researches which are practical, solutions-oriented and scientifically disciplined.Several significant studies have been done in the field of applied linguistics, which make effective use of the qualitative research methodology in arriving at central findings that contribute to vast area of applied linguistics.Every teacher knows that despite general requirements he/she must elaborate personal approach to the teaching and choose among the numerous methods.It is possible to base the choice on the experience received at school or University, or follow already existing methods.However, there are also degrading process in the language, some grammar rules get redundant and there appear new on their place.Therefore, teaching English demands close attention to all the changes.As more people now have access to high speed connections that enable fast and seamless interaction with complex programs online, a number of different platforms such as Black Board and e-college have bee created on which classes can be built and delivered.Any online class is only as good as the instructor who is guiding it and upon the students whoa re taking it.As described by Anthony’s model (1963) an approach illustrates all the assumptions and beliefs related with language and language learning in a broader manner however, a method is a way through which one can implement the theory in a practical framework. Worse, I could be plagiarizing content without knowing it.A method also defines the methods to be used, skills to be taught, content to be analyzed and more specifically, the order in which the content should be presented. IDS saved me from near humiliation and equipped me with the required knowledge to cite resources and avoid plagiarizing content. Therefore, every student should learn to avoid it by knowing how to.....that the diversity was a resource and could be used to teach the material by highlighting what students knew already.


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