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Rather than regarding master’s studies as a ‘direct’ vehicle for upward mobility, graduate workers view it as a vehicle for ‘investment’ in their human and social capital that may be mobilised in exchange of superior...

Au, Kwok Nin Astrophysical simulations are very useful for understanding the physical phenomena of the stellar systems.

These spaces are similar to solenoids in that each one admits an almost one to one map onto a solenoid.

In particular, we investigate a special class we call difference d substitutions. This thesis studies the organisational socialization of a rapidly growing number of biethnic newcomers adjusting to the workplace in Finland, a country with a high proportion of monoethnic inhabitants.

Thesis abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients suffer from a progressive neurological illness that can affect their mobility and gait.

They suffer from tremors and stiffness and can have non-motor symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

Unplanned admissions occur after 10% procedures secondary to complications and pain (Chandio et al., 2017).

This study aimed to identify whether pain was an early indicator of post-procedural sepsis, permitting earlier treatment to reduce morbidity.

Reproduction of flow structure dynamics and entrainment mechanism using numerical simulations are extremely challenging. This thesis consists of three chapters on coordination games.

Accurate prediction of both small- and large- scale structures will produce the correct mixing process, similar to a real flow. The first chapter studies how the existence of Imitators in population affects the success of the threshold public good production.


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