The White Rose Essay

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This volume also includes the annotated catalogue for the exhibition ‘The White Rose: Reading, Writing, Resistance’ held at the Taylor Institution Library at the University of Oxford in October and November 2018.

Presentation of the inquiry research The Essay You will now write an essay in which you will answer the question: Why were the Scholls at first so excited about Hitler to end up in the resistance?

In ‘At the Heart of the White Rose — Cultural and Religious Influences on the Munich Students’ Paul Shrimpton explores the philosophical, religious, and literary influences on the group.

These came not only from texts, but from authors and thinkers the group encountered, such as Carl Muth and Theodor Haecker.

He as a matter of fact sends a beautiful cream white rosebud with red tips and symbolizes the fact that how pure his love is.

His gift has a deep hidden meaning for all the lovers today.

This edited volume includes facsimiles of the White Rose pamphlets and transcriptions of the German alongside a new English translation.

While there are many versions of the pamphlets in English, the translations included here are the result of a collaborative process (as is true of the original pamphlets) and were undertaken by undergraduate students at the University of Oxford as part of The White Rose Project.

John Boyle O’Reilly in his poem “White Rose” explains the significance of colors in the life of people who are deeply and madly in love with each other.

When the poet says “the red rose whispers of passion,and the white rose breathes of love;” he clearly states the fact that a red rose represents passion in love whereas a white rose represents pure love.


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