The Penelopes Of My Homeland Essay

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Poseidon, the god of the sea though, loathes Odysseus. Zeus helps Odysseus escape from Calypso’s island, on a ship.

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Family in The Odyssey is the focal point of the story. His son sets out on a dangerous perilous journey, risking his life in quest of his long lost father.

Penelope, Odysseus’ wife remains loyal to him even after years of his absence.

Back at Ithaca, his homeland, a number of rowdy angry suitors are trying to woo Penelope, Odysseus’ wife, believing him to be dead.

Odysseus’ son Telemachus is enraged, but does not have the power or the authority to throw them out.

But war does not form the major theme in the Odyssey. We learn that he has been trapped by the beautiful Calypso at her island.

He has no means of escaping and longs for his home and family.

He uses tricks and wit to escape from risky situations.

Odysseus seems to be a perfect blend - he is a good athlete, and has a sharp witty mind. Like many of the male characters of Greek literature, he too has his egotistical pride.

All that was important was war, honor, valor and courage. But Homer’s work, in that respect seems to be unconventional and new. Eating, drinking, dancing and singing were recreational activities everyone indulged in.

But what was most important and fore-most in Greek life and culture was religion.


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