The Importance Of Literature Review In A Research Proposal

The Importance Of Literature Review In A Research Proposal-74
It is important to be able to discuss relevant research because very often it is very difficult (as students and as researchers) to keep abreast of everything that is published every year in a topic.The job of the writer of the literature review is to summarize and discuss the major documents published in that topic over a stated period of time. Center • 2008 1 WRITING A LITERATURE REVIEW : RESEARCH PROCESS A.

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This might help you determine if the person has a biased perspective on an issue.

You should be guided on what to read (at least as a starting point ) by your module coordinator(s) and seminar tutors however, that is only initial guidance, after that you should be capable of finding your own material. which might cause the readers to lose interest in reading the whole research article. Motherhood, and Unprotected Sexual Activity" (2003), conducted a research study that examined the sexual behaviors and attitudes toward condom ... Questionnaires were read to small groups of young women by a specially trained research assistant in classrooms of ...

You will probably need to read all these when you are constructing a literature review.

When you try to determine whom to read you need to be aware that anyone can be mistaken in their interpretations or their opinions.

Understanding the literature in your research topic will prevent you from repeating previous errors, or redoing work which has already been done. This might sound pretty esoteric but you will find that in writing a literature review you will learn about the ways other people have constructed their own research projects.

Seeing what others have done might help you understand your own assignment.Being aware of the theories will help you later in your life as a student when you will have to design a larger research project like your dissertation.You might also be able to discuss relevant research carried out in the same topic.The discussion will take into account the methods and the results or findings of the most relevant research.The reviewer will assess whether the methodology is appropriate and whether the results seem valid.2 – Definition of literature review A critical summary and an assessment of the current state of knowledge or current state of the art in a particular field.The ability to carry out a literature review is an important skill for any student.This process is very important since very often research in the social sciences is multidisciplinary, i. knowledge gets generated from many disciplines and needs to be integrated.For example in order to be able to research and write a literature review on a question like ‘Why do teenagers smoke?1 – Introduction In this article we will talk about the importance of literature reviews as a way of summarsing the state of the art of a field.We will examine ways of constructing literature reviews and we will see in the links provided examples of literature reviews.


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