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According to Borden's account, he used the term, 'marketing mix' consistently from the late 1940s.For instance, he is known to have used the term 'marketing mix' in his presidential address given to the American Marketing Association in 1953.Hence, you are better off investing in marketing research. How your customers or potential market make their decisions to buy or purchase, d.

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Product refers to what the business offers for sale and may include products or services.

Product decisions include the "quality, features, benefits, style, design, branding, packaging, services, warranties, guarantees, life cycles, investments and returns".

Market research is the pillar to benefit from using marketing mix or the four (4) main tools to market your business.

It is what will prompt you to identify essential and critical information you need to use the 4Ps – product, price, promotion, and place/placement (consumer, cost, communication, and convenience).

The prospect of extending the marketing mix first took hold at the inaugural AMA Conference dedicated to Services Marketing in the early 1980s, and built on earlier theoretical works pointing to many important limitations of the 4 Ps model.

Taken collectively, the papers presented at that conference indicate that service marketers were thinking about a revision to the general marketing mix based on an understanding that services were fundamentally different from products, and therefore required different tools and strategies.You need research to get the necessary funds for your business.Whether you are starting a small business or expanding your existing business, you need the information and statistics you can get from researching your market to create your business plan.The goal of every business is to get a return on their investment.This you can do through making wise business decisions.Price refers to decisions surrounding "list pricing, discount pricing, special offer pricing, credit payment or credit terms".Price refers to the total cost to customer to acquire the product, and may involve both monetary and psychological costs such as the time and effort spent in acquisition.in which Culliton describes marketers as 'mixers of ingredients'.Some years later, Culliton's colleague, Professor Neil Borden, published a retrospective article detailing the early history of the marketing mix in which he claims that he was inspired by Culliton's idea of 'mixers', and credits himself with popularising the concept of the 'marketing mix'.The 4 Ps, in its modern form, was first proposed in 1960 by E.Jerome Mc Carthy; who presented them within a managerial approach that covered analysis, consumer behavior, market research, market segmentation, and planning.


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