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Her preferred clinical area is pediatric oncology, and she hopes to become a pediatric nurse practitioner one day.

Joe was called to come in on a busy Saturday afternoon just as his 5-year-old daughter's birthday party was about to begin. If you can't find someone else, call me back, and I'll come right in." Joe's manager was furious. If you knew that you wouldn't want to come in today, you should not have accepted on-call duty.

We pay you to be on-call, and I expect you to be here in 30 minutes, not one minute later, or there will be consequences."Joe decided that he no longer wanted to work in the institution.

I've called several times, and she's never available.

She leaves all the shift assignments to her assistant.

Whenever their shifts connected, they would compare notes on their experience.

Jan felt she was learning rapidly, gaining clinical skills and beginning to feel at ease with her colleagues.She is ashamed of her physical development because all her girlfriends have "breasts" and boyfriends. Andy listens attentively to Amanda and helps her focus on some of her positive attributes and talents.A CT scan is ordered and reveals that the tumor extends to what appears to be the ovary."If something happens when you are the only nurse on the unit, you will be held responsible."If you found yourself in Ronnie's situation, what steps would you take to resolve the problem?Show how the leader characteristics and behaviors found in this chapter support your solution to the problem. "I should have let you know in advance that we have an important family event today, but I just forgot.A gynecological surgeon is called in to evaluate the situation. It is discovered that the tumor is an enlarged lymph node and that the "ovary" is actually a testis. When this information is given to Amanda's parents, they do not want her to know.They feel that she was raised as "their daughter." They ask the surgeon to remove the male gonads and leave only the female gonads.The aides and LPNs are really experienced, but that's not enough.I wish I could work with an experienced nurse as you are doing.""Ronnie, you are not even finished with your 3-month orientation program," said Jan.In answering, Andy hesitates, and Amanda picks up on this, demanding that he tell her the truth.Tanya Washington will finish her associate's degree nursing program in 6 weeks.


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