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I have felt that there should be some content on probability & statistics specifically focused on data science. I would like to mention that my focus in these posts would be to give intuition on every topic and how it relates to data science rather going deep into mathematical formulas.

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The sample mean,, is a statistic; the population mean, ,is not.

That is because a statistic is observable, being computed from the observations, while a population parameter, being a philosophical abstraction, is not observable, and thus must be estimated. The fidelity of the estimate depends on the number of observations used in computing the statistic.

The solutions manual provides detailed solutions to the odd-numbered exercises in the textbook, while the textbook alone, provides brief solutions in Appendix A to odd-numbered questions.

Please be aware that the above textbooks are provided to students as a bundle with access to My Stat Lab.

The density from which the observations were taken must also be known.

For example, given these observations, what is the probability of a new observation being less than zero?

The Department awards bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in Statistics, and partners with the Department of Mathematics in awarding the bachelor’s degree in Actuarial Science.

The Department is home to an internationally renowned faculty with a wide variety of expertise in fundamental and interdisciplinary research, over 100 graduate students, and over 100 undergraduate students from many countries of the world.

problems included are about: probabilities, mutually exclusive events and addition formula of probability, combinations, binomial distributions, normal distributions, reading charts.

When I look at the literature available on probability & statistics, I find it too theoretical and generalized.


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