Split Thesis Statement

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A friend of mine prefers to write in the mornings before she has any tea or coffee, using what I call the “carrot” method of motivation.

Respect your writing style; recognizing how you work is important to maximizing it.

Even when you know your writing mode, writing can be a difficult process; your energy comes in fits and spurts, your love for your topic waxes and wanes. Sometimes very simple changes can give you a boost.

When I find myself struggling, I switch fonts, or change the spacing from single to double.

Over the years these guidelines have given me the discipline to start and finish, among other academic texts, a student Note.

For most students, the Note is the first experience with publishable academic writing.Either way, you should try to work steadily on the Note so as to avoid losing momentum and focus.While some may have a greater facility for language than others, there is nothing natural about good writing. To practice without models of good writing is, however, pointless.It may prove futile to try to write against your natural rhythm.If I try to refine as I write, or if I write in the middle of the afternoon, I find myself producing very little.Often the effect is just to defamiliarize the text, so you see it differently.If writer’s block still persists and the words elude you, take a break.Others are “refiners” who write just a few sentences or a paragraph and then revise and polish it to perfection before moving on.Similarly, you may have a natural rhythm when it comes to the time of day when your writing seems to flow most easily.Anything longer suggests that the topic too unwieldy for a student note or, more probably, that the writer still has not fully understood the nature of the project. If you can state your thesis in a single sentence, that clarity and concision will guide you throughout the rest of the writing process, helping to avoid unfortunate meanderings or excess material that is not essential to the argument.Simply put, if you cannot summarize your note in one or two sentences, you don’t have a thesis.


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