Solve Long Division Problems

Solve Long Division Problems-7
This activity is a fun way for your class to celebrate finishing their unit on division.

This activity is a fun way for your class to celebrate finishing their unit on division.

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When they’re done, the second student looks for errors and continues the problem.

If they finish the problem, they can call for you to come check their work and trade the correct answer for a card with a new problem.

, and encourage them to use scrap paper to “guess-and-check” their multiplication as they go.

This is a good spot to make sure that they’re not struggling and that they completely understand the relationship that division has with place value and multiplication.

We feel that long division should not be a problem for math students and if it is, the whole concept of division needs to be retaught (and learned).

Division (and multiplication) are arguably the most important components of the skill set needed for secondary level math, algebra and statistics.Include a list of multiplication problems that students must solve in groups to “unlock” the box.Worksheets are a tried-and-true staple of math class., “the representation and retrieval of mathematical facts from long-term memory” is one of the most important factors in determining a student’s future mathematical success.According to the same study, Use base 10 blocks or money to reinforce place value and number sense.Let students get comfortable with the formula and work on smaller problems.As they develop confidence and begin to understand how to do long division, start presenting them with problems that have a three-digit dividend, and then problems that have a two-digit divisor.Remember that this is a totally new concept for students, so take the time to model problems on the board.Have a discussion about why the steps work, and help them understand how place value plays an important role in the process.Lucky for you, there are lots of websites that will do the work for you and generate a custom worksheet that will give your students the change to practice how to do long division.Here’s a few of our favorites: The most important thing to remember when teaching students how to do long division is to not rush through the material.


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