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Now, you can use this information to solve for x using the first equation: x y=5 x 2=5 x=3 So, she tutors for 3 hours each week. C Your first step is to find out how many grams of flour Oliver uses. Fill out the table as you parse each piece of information in the problem.

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So, you need to calculate: 3(340)=1,020 He uses 1,020 grams. So, the sum of the money received for bracelets, rings, and necklaces, will equal 245: 5x 20x 15x 45=245 So, you have one equation that you can solve for x, which is the number of bracelets sold: 5x 20x 15x 45=245 40x 45=245 40x=200 x=5 Remember that x equals the number of bracelets sold.

But, you cannot simply subtract this from the total mass of the bag of flour, because the bag of flour is stated in kilograms. 2.27(1000)= 2270 grams Now, subtract the amount of grams of flour Oliver used from the total grams in the bag of flour: 2,270-1,020=1,250 5. So, the amount of money she makes from bracelets is given by the expression 5x. The problem asks you to find the number of bracelets, rings, and necklaces sold. Sarah is an educator and writer with a Master’s degree in education from Syracuse University who has helped students succeed on standardized tests since 2008.

Since the question asks for the amount of flour left in grams, you should convert the total mass of the bag of flour to grams. A This seems like a system of equations because there are multiple unknown amounts, and you COULD solve it that way, but you would need three equations so it would get a little complicated. Since the number of rings and necklaces Iris sells is given in terms relative to the number of bracelets she sells, you really only have one unknown variable: the number of bracelets Iris sells. Since the number of each type of jewelry sold is given in relative terms, once you know the number of bracelets sold, you can find the number of rings and necklaces sold. She loves reading, theater, and chasing around her two kids.

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My integrated math textbook is full of really hard word problems and ik the app can’t do word problems, but easy as pie I can write down a number problem for those word problems and this app will save me hours that I could be spending on other homework and sleep.

Even before kids start using variables and equations and all the notation that algebra brings to the math universe, algebra concepts are readily at hand in the form of simple story problems like the ones in these algebra word problem worksheets.

Great for basic pre-algebra thinking skills, even before your grade school student starts algebra!

Easing into algebra is easier than you think, and simple word problems that correspond to basic algebra is one way to introduce 5th and 6th grade students to this topic area.


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