Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay Conclusion

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Some legal reasons that marijuana shouldn’t be decriminalized are it would lead to experimenting with more hard core drugs such as heroin and cocaine.... Further, legalization of marijuana could potentially do good on the street.Legalization would make marijuana regulated and publically available.

[tags: recreational, medicinal use] - For thousands of years human beings have attempted to find ways to get passed the struggles of their lives.

With the pain of the world stopping people from enjoying simple pleasures, sometimes there is a need for help.

Marijuana brings millions of people relief from the pain they feel on a day-to-day basis.

This completely natural plant which helped so many people has puzzled the leaders of our nation for a long time.

It has been proven to be even better than alcohol and many other things in this world.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized Essay Conclusion

Weed being a natural product has many advantages and disadvantages but the good outweighs the bad.... Already, we have brought “back around” old styles of fashion and music. What a fitting lyric from one of today’s biggest pop stars and one that fits the X Generation perfectly.Do you want your teens to be making great grades for their education.You should need to know that studies have proved that teens who smoked pot regularly lost as much as eight points in their intelligence quotient test and they didn’t recover their intellectual ability when they became adults....Supporters also argue that marijuana has far more positive properties than negative ones....[tags: legalize marijuana] - What would the life be like if you could purchase marijuana anywhere and everywhere.The THC in marijuana causes its users to experience a mild-huluciginic or high....[tags: Legalize Marijuana, Medical cannabis] - The issue of legalizing marijuana has been prominent in news headlines recently with Washington and Colorado’s new laws on using marijuana for recreational use.If the country legalized it then everyone would have more jobs available to go around such as harvesters, dispensary clerks, distributors, or croppers.Thus, the unemployment rate is lowered and America could make more money if they taxed it (Jack).


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