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So to avoid this crisis, the natives of our country should put efforts towards maintaining cleanliness not only in their homes and working places, but in their surroundings too.A hygienic and clean environment creates happy souls and a fulfilling life.

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Teachers adopt various methods to teach students this important lesson by asking them to write speech on importance of cleanliness.we can bring a substantial change in our surroundings.We should not compromise with it and should make our little ones practice it right from their childhood so that they grow up as responsible individuals who know how to live a healthy life.Do we not keep hearing such news about people dying of diseases, such as Malaria, Jaundice, etc. Therefore, in order to prevent such cases the people of India should focus on maintaining cleanliness, which will help our country earn a respectable place in the eyes, souls, hearts and minds of the foreigners paying a visit to our country.And, if every Indian citizen contributes to even some extent towards this then we cannot imagine how effective it will prove to be towards fulfilling the aim of this campaign.Unhygienic conditions can cause many serious health hazards including causing harm to the environment in the form of pollution.In filthy surroundings, germs spread all around, which we cannot see though our naked eyes and how fast these germs multiply we cannot possibly imagine.Cleanliness is a good habit and not everyone is born with it, so those who don’t practice cleanliness try and make them understand the benefits that cleanliness entails rather than forcing your viewpoint on others.Cleanliness can be of varied types, such as personal cleanliness, environment cleanliness, workplace cleanliness (such as our office, school, college, etc.).If pollution will increase in our environment – it will start breeding such diseases as asthma, cancer, chest congestion, lung infection thereby resulting in a person’s death.So it’s high time when we should raise the consciousness of masses towards maintain cleanliness so that we can protect our environment and save the lives of hundreds of people who die due to unhygienic surroundings. Good Morning to our Respectable Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers and My Dear Students!!


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