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They each in turn irritate and aggravate one another, thus making themselves hysterical, and thus producing dramatic irony.

As the lives of Inez, Estelle, and Garcin continue in Hell, their main torment is the one thing that they were never able to achieve on Earth.

So due to the consequences of their actions, they eternally suffer in Hell.

[tags: Existentialism Sartre No Exit Essays] - Jean Paul Sartre's No Exit And Its Existentialist Themes I would like to take this opportunity to discuss Jean Paul Sartre's philosophy and it's integration into his play "No Exit".

Embedded within the character interactions are many Sartrean philosophical themes.

This eerie play is successful in creating a positive perspective to the existentialism philosophy, and in addition stirs up a scenario in which readers learn from such provocative characters.

Moreover, it is weighty to realize that the lessons of existentialism-- such as the role of personal responsibility, the bleak position of mankind in the universe, and the fact that being stuck with boorish people is the worst punishment ever conceived-- are no longer revelations.

[tags: Jean-Paul Sartre No Exit Essays] - Jean-Paul Sartre’s Play “No Exit” Existentialism is a very confusing concept to understand.

Existentialism is a school of thought, so to speak, where people believe that for every action there is a reaction.

This presents a contrasting view to one tenet of existentialism, something which Sartre was heavily affiliated with.

If there were no ill consequences, on what grounds would people be sent to Hell? This new view brings to light the absurdity of life.


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