Sample Barber Shop Business Plan

We also have a hair transplant section as well as hair styling and shaving among others. Our professional hair barbing services aren’t restricted to our location alone. Similarly we sell quality hair barbing and treatment products.

Let’s consider each briefly; This aspect of our analysis has turned out positive. We have done a lot of work with our workforce as well.

The reason for our strong showing in this area is due to our location and quality of workforce. These have been carefully chosen to fit into our vision of providing superior hair barbing and care services.

In order to achieve this, we have partnered with the best hair products dealers. Hence, such hair products like clippers, hair oils, lotions dyes will be sold on wholesale and retail basis. Our mission at Exquisite Touch is to establish a world class barbershop.

This will be a place where customer service and satisfaction is given the highest priority.

We have covered the most essential sections a good plan should have.

Hence by using this as a template, you are able to put together a solid and implementable plan.

In addition to these, we will also be selling a wide range of hair care products. This includes both genders as well as people from all age brackets.

We are driven by professionalism with the main focus of taking care of our client’s every hair grooming needs.

Due to this fact, we will focus on a barbershop business plan.

This is a small business idea that has seen increased interest among entrepreneurs.


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