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The basic concept of the culture industry is that technology and industry have created a movement towards the mass production of culture.Holkheimer and Adorno argue this concept as it relates to man's role within society as well as the role of industry and business in creating this social phenomenon. : A 5 page essay exploring specific sociological issues: social factors involved in learning; how social structure creates social order in a culture; how social structure and culture have changed over the last 50 years. " : An 8 page paper that provides an overview of Gary Althen's book American Ways.Recent controversies surrounding the organization are also included. : A 6 page research paper which discusses the way ethnicity has effected the United States. : A 6 page paper on the Cuban and Haitian boat people.

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The paper spans close to a century as the writer reflects on the interview conducted in 1979. The writer examines the "push and pull" factors that resulted in their immigration and a number of the socio-economic factors that made them leave their homeland. : A 5 page research paper into how German immigration affected every aspect of American life contributing such varied things as ideas which influenced U. universities, the first kindergartens, the Linotype machine, and lager beer.

The writer’s gives an overview of German immigration that shows how it started during the colonial period and peaked in the early 20th-century. : A 5 page paper discussing the nutrition problems and adaptation in the American life.

The writer addresses the problem of looting and relic hunting, paying particular attention to the scientific aspect. : A 10 page research paper which examines magical belief systems from an anthropological standpoint.

The writer discusses the prevailing theories in this regard and demonstrates how magical beliefs perform certain concrete functions within the societies where this is prevalent. : 9 pages on biologically determined behaviors and the nature vs. Writer finds that many of our more common behaviors do indeed find their roots in biology. : A 10 page research paper on World War I's influence on art, literature and music.

The writer attempts to show that archaeological findings, including art and sculpture, deny some of the representations in the Bible, including the advanced age of many of the patriarchs in Genesis, and the racial hereditary basis for characters like Esau. What these extreme feminist authors have failed to consider, however, is that patriarchy as a cultural norm seems perfectly natural in the cultures in which it is practiced, and that it is only those of other parts of the world who have any complaints. Antiquities collecting may be a hobby for some but for most it is a prime opportunity to make money off precious historical artifacts.

Even though patriarchy is ingrained in many cultures of the world, some of those cultures are facing the necessity of reassessing their positions, forced not by any commonweal thinking, but by physical realities. The constant looting at archeological sites has placed a huge burden upon officials who are trying desperately to preserve these keys to the ancient world.

A brief overview of the origin of carnivals is included as well. : A 7 page paper on Chinese families, comparing contemporary situations with traditional.

The writer details Chinese wedding customs, gender power, patriarchy and the traditional family structure juxtaposed in modern life. : A 10 page research paper on the culture of modern Greece. In this study, the writer analyzes death records of a specific town and hypothesizes that the next 150 years will bring about a continued decrease in infant and child mortality as well as an augmentation in the number of years that people will live.

Author illustratively describes pertinent observations made about people in a Brooklyn, NYC pizzeria and the surrounding events that transpired.

Several quotes are used from observed conversations. : A 7 page paper on how art and religion have been blended throughout known history and how this applies to cultural anthropology.


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