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Research Paper On George Washington-58
Washington and his men reacted quickly build a log stockade. The rain rushed into the fort and ruined the gun powder. ” said Washington to his men( An American Life, Laurie Calkhoven 39). Washington never wanted to surrender this battle but, one-third of his men have been killed(James Flexner 10). The next day which was July 4th 1754, Washington had no choice but to surrender on behalf of the British.He named it Fort Necessity which wasn’t large enough to hold all of George Washington’s men. Washington’s men were unprepared without protection. After the battle, the French decided to not take any prisoners from Fort Necessity.

In 1752, Lawrence Washington died of Tuberculosis(Albert Marrin, George Washington and the Founding of a Nation 30-39). after his retirement which were his closing remarks (Washington, 1970). As Washington was traveling, he meet the “Half King”(Laurie Calkhoven An American Life 35) which is an Iroquois chief.

He and his Indian translator Christopher Gist moved along the trails thorough the weather.

An Indian guide promised to lead Washington through a shortcut through the long trail but, there was no shortcut.

George was educated by his father and his elder half brother named Lawrence.

He was mainly taught by his father because of how well he was educated. George Washington began his speech by making it known to the ...


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