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The speaker is taking the time to show she cares about the well being of the person she has addressed the entire poem.While she has made clear her desire to be remembered, she is also aware of her beloved’s feelings.As much as it pains her to be forgotten, she thinks it a better alternative than seeing her loved one unhappy.

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The "darkness and corruption" may be in reference to her passing and the pain associated with it.

It is unbearably difficult time to lose a loved one, something the speaker is well aware of.

Whether it be for just a moment or longer, she likely wants to stay with her significant other longer.

In these lines, the speaker asks her beloved not to forget her even when a future together can no longer be planned.

Background "Remember" is a poem written by Christina Rossetti. In 1862, she published it, along with other works of her, in the book Goblin Market. As such, it is composed of fourteen lines and written in iambic pentameter.

The poem follows the typical form of a Petrarchan sonnet in its rhyme scheme and contextual structure.She knows there may be moments she will not be thought about as much or at all. This means the object of her affection, presumably a romantic partner, does not need to feel guilty if and when this happens.This, in turn, lessens any burden on the remaining partner.Additionally, she is asking to be remembered, something people commonly hope for when their Earthly time comes to an end.The speaker reiterates her imminent death in these lines.It does not seem like an unreciprocated love as she mentioned their holding hands and talk of the future.Though the poem seems to be mainly about her commemoration, it ends with a change.After the first eight lines, it reaches a shift in direction.This is marked not only by the content of the lines but also by the use of the word "yet" in the ninth line.The poem ends with the speaker saying it is most important for the loved one to be happy.Theme The two major themes of the poem are love and death, particularly as linked to memories.


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