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It’s run and managed by the University of Pennsylvania out of Philadelphia with the goal to “develop a citizenry that demands and supports a functioning democracy.” They do this by supplying lesson plans, ideas, and information that teachers can use with students of just about any age, depending on when your school starts civics education.This includes , which approach critical thinking from the context of practical, real-world examples.However, topics such as these are becoming more difficult to teach in the classroom since politics has become an increasingly-hot discussion in American culture.

With 24/7 news, social media, and thousands of publications of every kind, students of every age are subjected to a constant flow of information.

That means your students are responsible for discerning what’s truth and fiction in their everyday lives.

Shared reading combines aspects of guided reading and read-aloud strategies.

During shared reading, a teacher or proficient student reads the text aloud, pausing at pre-selected moments to discuss content and analyze the text.

Fortunately, you can teach digital thinking skills to help students work through that kind of problem.

You can also help them learn sequential thinking, logical problem-solving, and much, much more.Readers must refer back to the central text to answer text-dependent questions and provide evidence from the reading to support their answers.Students provide accurate, relevant and complete evidence.Generating Interactions between Schemata and Texts (GIST) is a summarization procedure that helps students digest complex texts by requiring contextual word learning.GIST explicitly combines the most important words with reading and writing to comprehend complex texts.QAR gives students practice questioning the text and identifying literal and inferential questions.Students learn to find different types of evidence and to rely on their own interpretation when doing close reading.With these seven lesson plans, you can help your students understand and apply critical thinking in a variety of ways to make them more independent and self-reliant an ongoing project focused on the proceedings and history of United States law, politics, and civil discourse.It also requires them to reconsider their original thinking after reading the text and to use textual evidence to support and explain their thinking.“Annolighting” (annotating and highlighting) shows students how to identify critical information in a text during close reading.Students learn to annotate text, highlight important facts and summarize what they have read to capture main ideas, concepts and details.


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