Race Socially Constructed Essay

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We are often made to believe that we are not living in a post-racial society with valuable historical links.

We sometimes stay away from the topic because we get very sensitive when it is brought up or even discussed.

But, individuals don’t get to define their racial identity.

In the United States, race has been so important regarding constructing an identity that to be an American, early on, really meant to be (White) of Caucasian descent.

I will explain this argument with the assistance of the texts done by Erasmus (2008), Breckenridge (2014), and Biko (1987) Erasmus discusses and researches on the origins of the concept of race she concludes that race is merely a thought an idea which is equivalent to it being socially constructed.

To be able to understand where it came from she had to dive back before the enlightment ages (Erasmus 2008, 170) The only reason why people considered the concept of race to be natural is because they based it on invisible and visible differences that were also somewhat natural and unchangeable.

While race is understood to be a social construct by many, most scholars would agree that race has real, material effects in housing discrimination, legal process, policing practices, in education, and many other domains of society.

One of the social factors and conditions that led to the emergence of these construct were the theories of racial formations of the past that seems to exist in present-day America.

Some states said if you look or even act Black, you’re Black.

Some countries said if you have one-quarter of Black blood running through your veins, you’re Black.


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