Quoting Quotations In Essays

All quotations, however, must closely relate to your topic and arguments.

Do not insert a quotation solely for its literary merits.

If the quotation is preceded by a form of a word like that word is followed by a comma.

She knows she is no longer safe, saying, “I feared for my Safety in this wicked House” (28). If a complete sentence or independent clause precedes the quotation, a colon is the appropriate mark of punctuation.

Note: The recommends the use of Arabic numerals rather than Roman numerals for designating acts and scenes in plays.

However, some instructors still prefer Roman numerals. Carr has written, “The serious historian is the one who recognizes the historically conditioned character of all values, not the one who claims for his own values an objectivity beyond history.” 2.

The types of evidence you use will depend in part on the conventions of the discipline or audience for which you are writing.

For example, papers analyzing literature may rely heavily on direct quotations of the text, while papers in the social sciences may have more paraphrasing, data, and statistics than quotations.

Examples of topics that might require the frequent use of quotations include: Southern colloquial expressions in William Faulkner’s Light in August Ms.

and the creation of a language of female empowerment A comparison of three British poets and their use of rhyme In order to lend variety to your prose, you may wish to quote a source with particularly vivid language.


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