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I strongly believe large scale change happens on the individual level first, and if we want to see a world where we value the earth and all the people living on it, we have to do the work with ourselves first.I want to help people in their transformation towards becoming more unconditionally loving, tolerant, and compassionate people.As part of a national essay competition, current and future psychology students were asked to explain their study motivation.

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~ Alyssa Powers, The University of Akron The incredible transformation I have experienced in my own life from the power of the therapeutic relationship motivates me to immerse myself in my studies and move closer towards my goal of becoming a psychologist.

Recognizing how the quality of my own life has been profoundly enhanced by self-reflection, the invaluable lesson of how to learn from suffering, and coming to a deeper understanding of who I am, encourages me to try and be a catalyst for this kind of change in other’s lives.

We all know that there will almost always be something to do that sounds much more appealing than our studies, so why do we study if there is something better? Everyone has their own motivating factor that keeps them in line with studying. I have dreams of becoming a psychologist and helping people throughout my life.

I also have a huge passion for American Sign Language.

I think when people are more comfortable with, and accepting of, who they are, they are consequently kinder and more loving towards those around them.

Encouraging this kind of growth first on an individual level, and ultimately on a global level, motivates me to not only get through, but thrive within my program.

All of these reasons put together make up my ideal future and therefore my motivation to study.

~ Hannah Reis, Palomar College We live in a world filled with hurt and suffering, and a place that is not equal for all.

I want Deaf people to feel comfortable coming to me without the need of a third person interpreter who is usually a stranger.

Many Deaf people feel uncomfortable visiting a psychologist because of the need for a third person.


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