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Small amounts of homework set as a routine prepares them for high-school when homework is unfortunately in abundance. Ultimately the goal of homework is to consolidate the basic skills that the children learn at school.If the homework is well constructed and hopefully enjoyable for the child then there are definitely benefits, both in the consolidation of basic skills and just as importantly in the confidence that kids get when they get to school and find that they €œDO€ know the answers to the questions.As the saying goes, too much work makes Jack a dull boy, so is their argument that students who are given no time to refresh may not just end up performing poorly but also find it difficult interacting with others.

Former teacher and mum of two, Jo Otto talks about the pros and cons of homework and how her app, Maths Rockx has essentially become the perfect modern homework tool for kids. Homework deadlines for the little ones creates undue stress on both the child and parents.

There has to be a balance so they are still able to unwind/play when they get home and be well€¦kids! Homework at this age can often require some kind of guidance from an adult, so parents HAVE to help.

The case of whether tuition learning is necessary or unnecessary has pitted parents against teacher many times without number with the former arguing that, while at home, students are supposed to rest from daily school work so they don’t see the need of taking school work at home.

As some parents may want to argue, having loads of assignments to do at home every weekend make their children socially inactive in which case they have no time to go out and play.

More study & practice makes students better understand points included in their lessons.

However, some school & college children do not feel okay with the after-class assignments they get.Assignments prepare students for exams There is no doubt that this is arguably the main point that teachers will give regarding the school work they assign to students.Whether it is math or written assignment that students are required to do at home, the bottom line will always be that they help prepare student for standardized exams.If your child knows the majority of their times tables but is perhaps stuck with one or two, there is the option to download the non-EDU version of the app for free and choose the times tables songs you need for just £0.79 per songs.Homework has often elicited hot debate regarding its necessity in the life of a student and in many of such instances, teachers have often been pitted against parents.The trouble is, parents of primary school children are often time poor so this can add extra stress on all involved.Children are tired and restless, parents are tired and busy and it ultimately creates pressure and frustration for both and essentially it can become a battle. There is not enough time at school for reinforcement.The App enables kids to sing their times tables along to well-known tracks from artists such as One Direction, P! It provides an active and motivating way to learn and has already delivered impressive results for thousands of kids.There has already been fantastic feedback from parents saying that the dreaded homework routine is now something they look forward to and really enjoy.The time they spend learning leaves them without other important activities.Parental involvement in homework is what can help a child to understand specific concepts better.


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