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Stateline Use this source to browse current news stories to generate research ideas.

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Public Agenda A great source for discovering and analyzing public opinion on a current topic.

Each guide contains and overview of the issue and background data including statistics from major public opinion polls in easy-to-understand graphs.

It covers all subject areas, contains mostly full-text articles, and contains both popular and scholarly articles.

CQ Researcher A fantastic resource to use when you want to learn about hot topics and current issues.

Be sure to mention your own opinion somewhere in the conclusion paragraph.

A pros and cons essay encourages you to develop critical thinking skills by examining an issue from different perspectives.Cons could include damage caused by user error, inconvenience in slow traffic or hazardous situations and difficulty.Isolate three or four of the largest benefits and three or four of the largest problems with your topic from your brainstorming list.If you are allowed to choose your own topic, pick something that has two clear sides, each with their own set of arguments.For instance, you could choose to illustrate the pros and cons of a vehicle with a manual transmission.Use middle paragraphs to discuss pros and cons, devoting one section of your paper to each.Wrap your essay up with the conclusion you have drawn from doing this research and writing your paper."Pro and Con" essays are impartial reports engineered to provide the reader with both the positive and negative aspects of any given topic.Your job as the writer of one of these essays is to provide accurate information that backs up both sides of the argument, yet does not show any favor toward one side or another.Don’t ever pay for an article on Google before you check to see if you can get it for free from the library.Pro This is a great site to give you some ideas of current topics and how to put those topics into a research question.


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