Project Management Essay

The purpose of the report is to apply the different theories and ideas regarding the project management plan.

The main purpose of the critical analysis is to critique as well as evaluate somebody’s work based on the opinion, idea and perspective of someone.

This activity, according to Schwalbe (2010), revolves around designing “…an optimistic, most likely, and pessimistic estimate [whereby] the optimistic estimate is based on a best-case scenario, while the pessimistic estimate is based on a worst case scenario” (p. Milestones are simply goals or objectives that assist project leaders to keep track of the overall progress for any project, with each milestone indicating a forward movement (Higginbotham, 2008).

In essence, milestones not only assist in building continued momentum for the team members, but they show progress to members of staff as well as to other leaders.

This is due to the fact that it must present historical references and the different reasons behind the decisions that have been made (Phillips 2004, p. ▪ Provide Baselines – a project plan includes a number of baselines.

As the project shift towards the finishing point, the management together with the stakeholders and the project managers can use the project plan in order to see what was predicted for the costs, schedules, qualities and scopes – and compare it to the present condition (Phillips 2004, p. Project plan is the output or result of the planning phase that confines the different information that has been observed and fulfilled with the team and lays out the different activities and processes about how the project will be carried out.

It also represents the projected reality (Martin & Tate 2001, p.

Available literature demonstrates that a project schedule is a fundamental constituent of any project management activity, issues of size or scope of the project notwithstanding.

An accurate assessment or estimation of the resources and durations needed to complete particular tasks should be an issue of imperative concern for project managers and other stakeholders in the team.

Kerzner (2001) notes that while it is true that duration estimation analyzes the time that may be taken to complete either the entire project or subsections within the entire project, activity duration, on its part, is to a large extent dependent on other time and resource approximations.


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