Professional Resume Writing Services Winnipeg

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Professional Resume Writing Services Winnipeg

I’ve tried to pass on as much knowledge as I have learnt from these two guys and my own research afterwards.

These are the most important things I’ve learnt:[1] If you have a Job Offer from a Canadian employer……

you have a massive edge over others in getting the Permanent Residency (PR)So take your job application process and your resume very seriously.(Both of them had job offers before PR application)[2] Your resume would go through ATS (Applicant Tracking System). without the exact keywords that ATS looks for, your resume will not even reach to the right person!! He got massive help from ISB alumni base in Canada)[5] Make sure your Linked In profile is optimized properly.

This is an automated process and relies heavily on keywords present in your resume. Specifically ask for ATS optimization from the resume writing service.[3] Don’t blindly trust the resume provided by any resume writing service. They say Reddit is a good place for that apart from your seniors.[4] If you have an alumni group or any seniors based in Canada, do take their help. First thing that any recruiter would see along your resume is Linked In profile.

If you are going with a resume writing service, ask them for Linked In also.


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