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[tags: Discrimination, Prejudice, Stereotype, Racism] - Pride and Prejudice Wisdom is a necessary quality in one’s character to overcome challenges in a mature and sensible way.

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These few stereotypes have escalated into prejudice.

Stereotypes should solely affect the one using them, and prejudices affect those around the perpetrator.

This is how prejudice is defined to an individual who is still witnessing this crisis.

This person discovered that apart from the race, color, national origin or gender, people in today’s world, share an universally existing problem: “PREJUDICE”....

They do not think that there is anything that can be done to prevent it.

The other claim people make is that they do not understand how people can continue to be prejudice or discriminatory....

We may infer from this that a society without these conditions may be more likely to produce fewer prejudiced personalities.

However, if we consider the polar opposite of some of these factors, we find that the conditions that Allport delineated may in fact be relatively better than their opposite....

Jane Austen’s intent of Pride and Prejudice was to respectively satirise the purely economic, utilitarian motives for marriage as well as the societal constraints which leave women with no choice but to marry.

In doing so the themes of marriage and class are developed throughout the novel.


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