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Do not bring up anything other than professionally linked reasons for telecommuting.Avoid emotionally based reasons such as, “I can’t stand sitting next to so and so because they’re obnoxious and eat smelly food at lunch.” Also keep in mind some of the disadvantages your manager will want to discuss, such as concerns about lack of direct contact with you, how to ensure your performance continues at peak productivity levels and that you won’t be distracted by children or your spouse while working, and potential expenses associated with providing the office equipment and supplies you will need for your home office.I fill up my gas tank half as often and don’t spend /day on lunch because I can make my own food.

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Often the lack of “face time” is brought up for why an employee can’t work from home (or a cafe, library or anywhere else with wifi).

With technology like Skype, the ironically named Facetime for i Phone and i Pad, video i Chat and myriad other options, that excuse doesn’t really hold water any longer.

Lisa: The reasons for wanting to telecommute are usually different for each person.

Focus on the benefits you believe telecommuting will provide, which could include increased productivity due to less interruptions, the ability to be more available to your children, or minimizing commuting time and associated expenses.

So, if you’re a boss and want to help your employees decrease their carbon footprint and have a hand in saving huge amounts of resources, don’t ignore this.

Take a look at some of the following resources to get your office in the green.

People may feel unable to escape their work, and may even work longer or more unsocial hours.

The quality of work may suffer because of the reduced face-to-face interaction with other employees.

However, households will also have to set aside areas for work – particularly if both spouses are telecommuting.

However, although the ideas of more time at home and less time traveling are attractive, there are some drawbacks to telecommuting.


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