Persuasive Essay 5th Grade

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Students can compare books that were read during the school year, write about their favorite or worst reading assignment or persuade the teacher why a specific book should be added to the classroom reading list.

Persuasive topics can also be related to an issue presented in a specific book, such as whether Peak Marcello’s punishment in the book "Peak" by Roland Smith is fair.

Whether or not students are athletic, sports is a popular topic to write about.

Students can choose their favorite/worst sport, compare sports and argue for or against specific sports activities in the physical education curriculum.

” Topics can vary from changing the type of food served in the school cafeteria and shortening the school day to adding or removing educational subjects, eliminating homework and pushing back bedtimes.

Writing a persuasive essay to “change the rules” works best as a group writing activity so the children can vote on the most popular rule change.

All children have favorite items or hobbies, whether it is an animal, relative, childhood toy, drawing, singing or dancing.

Writing about favorite things and hobbies is a good start to persuasive essays because it is something students are familiar with.

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