Patricia Piccinini The Young Family Essay

Patricia Piccinini The Young Family Essay-89
Open an word doc on your computer and attempt to relate two questions from each agent (artist, artwork, audience, world) to your artwork.

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Her work exhibits a dream-like quality and what Piccinini’s imagination believes to be the future of the world of science.

Now it's your turn to answer the question about your own artwork you just created.

She was inspired by the idea of the ‘artificial’ world merging with reality and her own personal fantasy of what the future will become if we continue to progress in biological engineering.

‘The Young Family’ portrays Piccinini’s own fantasy world of a type of hybrid that crosses a human with the genetics of a different species.

The creature in ‘The Young Family’ has certain similarities to the dead creature in Salvador Dali’s ‘The persistence of memory’.

‘The Young Family’ allures people in because of it very realistic appearance, however when drawn closer the audience notices it a dream-like, obscure creature that has been imagined by the artist and begin to have feelings of disgust or pity towards the creature.The human like realness of the skin along with the pig like representation of the teats and ears symbolises the idea scientist have on growing human organs in other species such as pigs.Piccinini is starting to question the bioethics we have when it comes to science and technology.You use all of these agents when interpreting and explain art.You should also attempt to use the Conceptual Framework when shaping and generating your own art making practice.An audience of objective observers would relate to this work very differently to relatives of family that have diseases in which biotechnology could save them.The audience, at first glance, could be disturbed by the creature due to its obscure appearance however on closer inspection when looking at all the similarities the creature has with humans and how life like it appears an audience could start to feel pity or empathy.‘The Young Family’ was first exhibited in the Australian Pavilion in the Venice Biennale in 2003 and is often exhibited in art galleries.R., `Berlin: Opération séduction, , Thursday 26 June, p. C., Project grant (1996)Arts Victoria, Project grant (1996)C. The Conceptual Framework is a system used by art students to highlight and explain all the information and ideas that consist within and about an artwork.It’s invigorating because it isn’t another business-as-usual record of a museum playing it safe with crowd-pleasers such as the Impressionists or Andy Warhol, but rather a lively demonstration of a museum engaged with the primordial dark side of the human psyche.It’s disturbing for the same reason, and it’s meant to be.


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