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It is estimated that the overpopulation of zebra mussels has cost approximately billion USD since their introduction.

It is estimated that the overpopulation of zebra mussels has cost approximately billion USD since their introduction.The image below illustrates an infestation of zebra mussels on a North American lock due to the overpopulation of zebra mussels in the North American waterways.

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Poison, hunting, a rabbit-proof gate, and the introduction of predators (e.g., ferrets and cats) were some methods used in an attempt to control the rabbit population.

However, after these methods failed, scientists released the myxoma virus into the rabbit population.

In situations of overpopulation caused by the introduction of a foreign species for which they have no natural predators, they can become an invasive species.

An example is the inadvertent introduction of zebra mussels to the North American water systems.

An increased mortality rate would have the opposite effect.2. Increased population growth of natural predators C. In North America, zebra mussels clog water treatment and power plants, and have caused billions of dollars as a result.

Zebra mussels in North America and rabbits in Australia are examples of what effect of overpopulation? In Australia, rabbits destroyed crops and precious top soil, devastating the natural plant species and farming economy.

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Therefore, overpopulation describes a situation in which a population in a given ecosystem limit the resources available for survival.

Overpopulation can have several effects on the environment, as well as other species within an ecological system.


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