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At 420shop you can buy papers from the best brands such as: Smoking Papers, Greengo Juicy Jay and RAW.

These popular brands have various types of long rolling paper for sale.

Another big product field of Paperguru which we continue to add up steadily is the section of cigarette filters and active charcoal filters and filter tips.

The customer is king - if you would like to order a grinder with a specific theme or if you want your individual favourite mix of blunts - it is our constant effort to come up to your individual needs.

Whether traditional brands like Smoking, Gizeh or international classics like OCB - you`ll find everything in our store.

We also offer a large range of natural and unbleached papers for example by RAW.

Given that rolling papers can significantly improve or undercut your weed smoking experience, you want to make sure you pick a good one.

But, with so many options available online, including many sub-par varieties, a quality brand can seem elusive.

The most common formats are King size (wide rolling paper) and King size Slim (slimmer paper).

The Smoking Blue is one of the most smoked King size papers, the Smoking Gold is the slim version.


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