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In the USA in distance learning the most common practice is that online PHD programs do NOT require a research thesis.Instead, they require more courses and a final practical applied project.

In the USA in distance learning the most common practice is that online PHD programs do NOT require a research thesis.Instead, they require more courses and a final practical applied project.

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Thanks much DHandlos for the insider's tip and insight on the Bellevue Online degree program. Melissa, who oversees our university directory is an alumn of Indiana State University too.

We have Bellevue University Online in the distance degree database and they are on several of our online college rankings best buy lists for affordable online degrees from regionally accredited schools. We have many online masters and doctorate programs from Indiana State University in our database.

If you know of properly accredited European open learning doctorates that are research only please let our site users know. They do have online doctorates in business (DBA) and education but both these Ph D degrees have a set of mandatory courses that have to be taken related to core theory and then they have a set of mandatory courses that they require distance students to take to learn how to write and to draft a final project (practitioner's thesis).

All the Best Vicky Phillips Get Hi Vicky, Many thanks for your detailed reply. I was told by an enrolment adviser at Jones IU that they had a Ph D program based on a research thesis only. I think maybe that admission advisor was mistaken that there are no required courses.

They are offering more and more of their courses and degrees online now. Vicky Phillips Founder - Get And Hoosier by birth and inclination Hi Vicky and others, We do not appear to have a best buy for doctorates.

The state consortium model is becoming popular and can be a good way to earn a degree cost effectively when state universities unite like this. I thought that I would share with you a very good DBA buy from a DETC accredited University. It would be nice if we could have a best buy doctorates list in due course.I just received an email from a site user who wanted to know how many online Phd degrees there are in the USA. Get Educated profiles hundreds accredited online Ph D & doctorate degrees. Suggest a distance learning doctoral program that is not in our data base. Are there any Ph D programs in USA that are by dissertation (Thesis) only from accredited Universities ?Northcentral University appears to offer the most online doctorates while there are several interesting or unusual doctorate degrees online, like the one in Sports Management Education from the United States Sports Academy a regionally accredited college that specializes in -- you guessed it! We're especially looking for affordable state or public universities that offer online degree programs nationwide. It seems that Jones International has such a program for a research Ph D by dissertation only but it is very expensive. Hi NDLovu, The Get Educated online degree directory lists 113 accredited online doctorate programs BUT these are all in the USA and subject the USA model of education.They seem therefore to have a combination of both models. I've been researching a number of different degree programs, and found one Ph D program in the field of "Technology Management" from Indiana State University: It's actually a program run by a consortium of schools, including ISU: - Bowling Green State University - East Carolina University - Indiana State University - North Carolina A&T I'm still reading, but it would require 2 on-campus sessions of 5 days during what they term their "residency" year, although they can be scheduled to include weekends. in Human Capital Management at Bellevue University (But as the cost was in the region of 000 for the program it was off putting to say the least as the researcher does all the work anyway ! It sounds interesting so far, but I may have to call them for some details about the coursework. If someone is working in the corporate field, especially HR, this could be a good program to look into.Now, they've added 3 others: Here is the URL to all online doctorate degrees in engineering in GE's directory.I don't know enough about the school yet, but the fact that they offer distance engineering degrees that are ABET accredited, and their business degrees are AACSB accredited seems noteworthy.California Intercontinental University in Diamond Bar CA, offers an online DBA for under k. Hello, You are quite right that Get Educated does not yet have an official best online doctorate ranking list for affordability.It is a well run university with excellent staff and standards. We'd love to do rankings of online doctorate degrees for affordability BUT until we get around to it you can create your own instant ranking by cost list by searching our college directory for all accredited online PHD programs ..The bias is the US is that older non-traditional students tend to enroll in distance doctorates and that these students want to be practitioners rather than academic researchers.You will need to look toward open universities from countries like South Africa and Australia if you specifically want a distance learning research-only PHD program online.


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