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There’s many a best seller that could have been prevented by a good teacher.– Flannery O’Connor Likewise, revere Updike’s prose style but despise those “two scoops of vanilla ice cream.” Bring a flask to class and drink from it in semi-surreptitious manner while discussing above issues with appropriate fervor.But if Program Products can be boiled down into so many generalizations, which Mc Gurl does successfully, it seems strange that anyone who self-identifies as “creative” would willingly subject herself to such an experiment.

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I feel like I want to reaffirm the experience I’ve had in my Program, (currently ranked #11 in the country according to Seth Abramson), because I want to make sure there’s a voice in defense of this thing I’m in.

“Please, don’t write another negative article,” a friend pleaded. Make us feel legitimate.” DOUBT Because maybe you’ve heard: there’s been a lot of talk about how American Fiction is doomed as we know it.

Several provocative books have recently come out to spur this conversation along. Last semester, I took a brilliant course—(and I’m being earnest, I might copy some of his syllabus for my undergraduates)—designed by one of my favorite writers, Jonathan Lethem.

The theme of the course—though he may disagree with my appellation—was CRAFT 101: FAILED WRITERS.

It’s the idea of attempting to school art that makes us uncomfortable. (He’s an Iowa grad, I see where he’s coming from.) Elif Batuman reignites the debate in her new article “Get a Real Degree,” by paying special attention to Mc Gurl’s argument that one of the faults of MFA Programs is that it has helped teach technique so well and made so many good writers that we simply can’t read them all.

David Shields might argue that this schooling is what causes literature to be behind the times, inclining writers toward old-timey third-person omniscient fiction when we should be embracing new forms! It’s not that the Program has made us worst writers, it’s that it’s made us so good it’s impossible to tell who is bad anymore.I’ve noticed that the people who like to use this phrase are writers who are very smart but antisocial and harbor grim, post-apocalyptic visions of the future.TO MFA OR NOT MFA The essential question, TO MFA OR NOT MFA, is one that obsesses every burgeoning writer. Maybe.” I liked this advice, because it pointed to something good writing needed to have that wasn’t easy to locate or fix.What not to do: cry while your story is being workshopped.Use predictable phrases like “easy grace.” Remember to with the blow job. ANXIETY Even with all this know-how, a seeping suspicion begins to enter the minds of final-year MFA students.Attribute your red face to shyness, anger, the heat of close bodies.Go to readings and “make connections.” And if you’re really ambitious, participate in slush-pile readings of your so-so respectable literary journal and ridicule the cover letters of those who have obviously never been through The Program.Higher education is the great equalizer; but apparently this isn’t the the goal with art.THE MFA PONZI SCHEME MFA graduates who have left the nest and are now teaching “Creative Writing” at obscure colleges experience another unexpected disillusionment, that perhaps they’re participating in an “MFA Ponzi Scheme” of sorts.In our worst moments, we begin to wonder whether we’ve destroyed our genius by subscribing to this institutional mind-meld. ( Sometimes I cross busy streets without thinking; pull subconscious kamikazes. I’ll admit I was a snob on the first day of school. “I don’t remember what it was called.” I was, like most first-year students, horrified because I was compensating for my own insecurity.When we were asked to go around in a circle and recommend a book or share our favorite writer, someone said “Faulkner” and I shuddered. When it was my turn I “recommended” the most obscure writer I could think of: Raymond Radiguet.


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