Norm Violation Assignment

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For instance, I had this fear which emanated from the uncertainty I possessed regarding how others would react to my strange behavior.

Further, my anxiety was brought about by the unconscious realization that I was about to deviate from a commonly accepted behavior.

In this text, I violate three norms in an attempt to highlight the power of a situation as well as the experiences of those who happen to be unlike us in some way.

Discussion Norms according to Hechter (2005) are the "rules, about which there is at least some degree of consensus, that are enforced through social sanctions." The behaviors I chose in this case had to do with speaking to family members in a louder that usual volume and occupation of a position usually reserved for my younger brother at the dining table.

A bus is also a less costly option, wherein I need to spend less and get more freedom to move around.

Social Norm Experience As I started to enter the bus, I found that the bus is crowded and there were no seats to settle down.

According to (Changing Minds,2013)“Norms are often transmitted by non-verbal behavior, for example with 'dirty looks' when people act outside the norms.

They may also be transmitted through stories, rituals and role-model behavior” Setting of Social Norm The setting to violate social norm which I chose is the public bus running on my route from school to home.

One reason for this is that, bus has population which is normal to middle class.

To get a mixed reaction varied in nature, bus is socially an apt social environment to violate a norm.


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