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The Church’s process of scrutinising her character was so rigorous that they invited Christopher Hitchens to give the evidence against.s Mother Teresa discovered when she was alive, the Church can be bureaucratic, slow-moving, “meticulous” – it has been known to put the brakes on popular piety.We are hard-wired to be sceptical, while our growing proficiency in the field of medicine convinces us that humans are the masters of their own destiny.

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God created the Earth and mankind, and the big and small marvels of everyday life point constantly back to him.

Thousands flock each year to Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where it is locally believed that the Virgin Mary appeared to six children.

Yet the Vatican refuses to acknowledge the supernatural status of he apparitions and it remains in limbo. Quite simply it is a wondrous event that betrays divine intervention.

Nowadays, the trolls would call her a Social Justice Warrior. Mother Teresa became a strong, powerful figure who transformed the lives of millions.

That’s the role that my Church offers to all of us regardless of breeding, money, looks or brains – the chance to enter the ranks of the saints.


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